Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Dean Blanchard, Owner Dean Blanchard Seafood

And so we begin.

Welcome to the Third Coast Pirates  blog. We are just getting starting and our path may change as time goes by. Right now we are dedicated to sharing the information coming out of the areas affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil gusher.
As a new endeavor please excues our growing pains. Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome.
Orginally the idea of the Third Coast Pirates was to teach our children about conservation in our Gulf Coast regions. Hey every kid wants to be a pirate! Well imagine my surprise when a lot of adults asked to be a pirate too!
At this point we are going in too many different directions and need to narrow it down to a few. We are working on a Facebook page and a Twitter. That info will be posted as soon.. In the meantime please feel free to comment, leave ideas, news stories and by all means please come  back often!
The Captian